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OpenSpace tablets & mobility
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Our comprehensive range of SafeGuard tablet-ready technology enclosures deliver environmentally hardened, high quality mounts. Our solutions bring multiple mounting options for both static and mobile applications, empowering your workforce to maximise the advantages of tablet use.


X-Frame Tablet Enclosure

X-Frame is a simple and effective tablet enclosure that grips a tablet securely and offers a flexible approach to mounting using standardised pole mounting attachments for a range of environments. X-Frame supports the widest range of tablets and gives easy access to all tablet controls and buttons, great for tablet based applications where public use isn’t a requirement.

X-Frame range includes:

  • X-Frame enclosure for all available tablets on the market
  • Range of poles and stands using the universal SpacePole mounting connections

Visit us on to know more. 


K-Frame​ Tablet Mount 

K-Frame is a tablet enclosure and stand for using tablets publicly in a kiosk style environment. Offering the ultimate in protection and security from theft or damage, K-Frame utilises Kensington locking technology to secure the tablet in place with no fear of removal. A full K-Frame solution requires the main Kiosk Enclosure and a separate Tablet Insert for the required tablet device, currently able to support a range of tablets from Apple, Samsung, Toshiba and HP.

K-Frame range includes:
●    Main K-Frame enclosure with Kensington barrel lock. Available in black and white as standard.

●    Tablet device insert to support different tablets and make changing devices quick and easy.

Visit us on​ to know more.


S-Frame Tablet Enclosure

S-Frame is a secure and robust tablet enclosure designed for public use that supports a wide range of existing SpacePole stands and mounting solutions. A full S-Frame solution requires the main tablet enclosure and a separate insert for the required tablet device. Supports a full range of tablets including Apple, Samsung, Toshiba and HP.

S-Frame range includes:

  • Main S-Frame enclosure with Kensington barrel lock. Available in black and white as standard.
  • Tablet device insert to support different tablets and make changing devices quick and easy.
  • Support for a range of existing SpacePole stands and mounts for counter or floor stand mounting.

Visit us on​ to know more.


C-Frame Tablet Mount

c-frame colours

C-Frame is a stylish universal tablet enclosure and stand for 10” tablets that is available in a range of funky colours to compliment your retail environment. Designed to be used as a counter-top or wall mounted solution, C-Frame is also compatible with a selection of equally bright and colourful cash drawer wraps and mobile payment desktop stands to help support your MPOS approach. C-Frame sits on a 180° pivot stand which makes it simple to rotate the tablet to face customer or operator - great in situations where public use is a requirement.

C-Frame range includes:

  • Tablet enclosure and stand in high or low variations to support different mounting options
  • Support for a cash drawer wrap to compliment the unique styling and colour range

Visit us on​ to know more.


A-Frame Tablet Enclosure 

a-frame range

The OpenSpace A-Frame™ from Ergonomic Solutions provides that security in an enclosure that offers the ultimate flexibility for a range of stand-alone applications. It has been designed and manufactured in aluminium. A 10-day time to market production process means that A-Frame can react to an ever-changing tablet market, where new devices or revisions of existing tablets are the norm. 

The A-Frame enables applications across the store. From in-store ordering, information look up points and even virtual merchandising and utilising a simple fitting kit, a mobile payment terminal can be added when housed in our specially designed M-Case sleeve to create a very cool looking mPOS system.

Visit us on​ to know more.


Dock & Charge Tablet Mount

Dock & Charge is a unique tablet enclosure solution that provides a solid and secure tablet enclosure for the latest Apple and Samsung tablets that docks onto a magnetic pole base. This offers unparalleled flexibility to pick up and take the tablet around with you to compliment your business, and then replace it back on the dock to charge and protect it. Dock & Charge incorporates a Kensington key lock and micro USB cable input and output to enable power and charge capabilities for mobile payment devices, making it a complete MPOS solution for the latest retail technology.

Dock & Charge range includes:

  • Dock & Charge integrated tablet enclosure and magnetic dock for Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • A range of accessories such as hand / neck strap for true portability

Visit us on​ to know more.


Vario Sled 

vario range


OpenSpace tablet sleds and accessories are engineered to offer superior protection in the smallest footprint possible. We have a comprehensive line of tablet sleds, hand & shoulder straps and pouches available – each designed to expand the potential of your tablet device.

Visit us on​ to know more.


OpenSpace USC Charging Station 

ucs range black

A Universal Intelligent Charging and Storage Solution for Tablets and USB devices. The design and function of SafeGuard UCS is targeted primarily at intelligent tablet charging and storage with or without protective casings such as SafeGuard X-Frame and i-Frame. In addition, the UCS is also suitable for charging and storing various USB powered devices.

Visit us on​ to know more.

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